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Does kernel boot?

Hi! all,

I have Apollo Series 400(425t).
I could disklabel and install the NetBSD-4.0 miniroot.fs.  Also I see
this message from serial console.

>> NetBSD/hp300 Miniroot Installer, Revision 1.8
>> (builds@wb43, Sat Dec 15 22:02:51 PST 2007)
>> HP 9000/425t SPU
>> Available commands:
>>     disklabel - place partition map on disk
>>     miniroot - place miniroot on disk
>>     boot - boot from miniroot
>>     reset - reset the system
>>     help - display command list
sys_inst> boot
Disk to boot from? sd5
booting: sd5b:/netbsd -s
998152+28380+69196 [231072+107964]=0x1607b8
Start @ 0xff003400 [1=0xff10f830-0x1607b8]...
Entry point: 0xff003400

(no respond.  However I hear the sound that HDD whispers  X-)

I found following description from 'Unsupported hardware'.

  Graphics Devices
    - SGC support (for some rare configurations of 4XXt and 4XXdl workstations)

However, serial is also very quiet. Does the kernel boot?
Do you understand anything?


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