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SYS_INST nothing 'Available commands'

Hi! all,

I am retrying to install the NetBSD-4.0 to Apollo Series 400 (425t).
# I got HP-HIL keyboard and Sync-on-Green monitor.  ;-)

I just try the SYS_INST now from local HDD.  I write SYS_INST to SCSI HDD
on other machine/OS to first sector.  The SYS_INST outputs this messages
to serial console.

  >> NetBSD/hp300 Miniroot Installer, Revision 1.8
  >> (builds@wb43, Sat Dec 15 22:02:51 PST 2007)
  >> HP 9000/425t SPU
  >> Available commands:
  >>      - 
  >>      - 
  >>      - 
  >>      - 
  >>      - 

hmm... I can't see 'Available commands'.  X-<
Also I typed following command.

  sys_inst> disklabel
  unknown command: disklabel

Can you help me?
# Shall I use the -current?


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