Subject: Re: Still looking for 425e ROM
To: Kevin <>
From: Michael Wolfson <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 08/04/2001 17:09:51
At 4:22 AM +0200 8/5/01, Kevin wrote:

:)I have some 425e`s sitting here but I don't have any hardware to read
:)ROMs. Didn't somebody post a way to read ROMs from the boot monitor here
:)some time ago? That would be great of course...

That would probably be:

It sounds like setting the system into "domain" mode, setting "service
mode", and using the "D" comand (display mem) at address zero will dump the
contents of the ROM.

You'll obviously need an HP-HIL keyboard and a working monitor, since
there's no serial support in the ROM.  Then, (after the two beeps at
recognizing HIL), press the "C" key and hit return.  That'll give the
config menu at which point you can select "Domain Compatable" mode.

It appears that in the Domain Monitor, "H" is help.

If you need help, see and for the reverse
process (Domain to HP-UX).

Good luck,
  -- MW