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booting the Gdium

Dear list, I am trying to run NetBSD on my Gdium and cannot seem to get
the booting process right. I have succesfully booted OpenBSD on this
machine before so I am aware of the eccentricities of the PMON
bootloader. The OpenBSD devs solved this problem by passing the OpenBSD
loader as the kernel and the real OpenBSD kernel as the initrd to PMON.
In the case of NetBSD however, I was unable to find a bootloader binary
for the evbmips/GDIUM platform.

Logs tell me that Manuel Bouyer and Macallan are lead developers of this
port. And since Macallan announced in a blog post he was now able to
run NetBSD in multiuser mode on the Gdium, I am hoping he would share
his method of actually booting this machine.

Up till now I have been succesful in running the NetBSD kernel only, by
directly passing it to PMON as the kernel file. Of course, when the
kernel finishes loading, it cannot find its rootfs as I did not specify
any (can this be passed with a 'root=' parameter, like Linux uses?).

Thank you for your efforts in keeping the Gdium platform alive ;)

-bmq (what's in a handle anyway?)

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