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Re: MIPS Alchemy machine don't boot

Hi! Simon,

From: Simon Burge <simonb%NetBSD.org@localhost>
Date: Thu, 07 Jan 2010 16:59:53 +1100

> That line looks like it should be:
>          move   t2, MIPS_CURLWP
> in current sources.
> When you built the kernel, how was lock_stubs.S compiled?  I'm wondering if
> it is being built with a 64-bit ABI somehow...

Oops...  I use toolchain for cobalt at 12/14.  Is this problem?

  # /usr/src/cross/mipsel/bin/nbmake-cobalt
  making sure the compat library is up to date...
  `libcompat.a' is up to date.
  making sure the kern library is up to date...
  `libkern.a' is up to date.
  #   compile  DEVIL/lock_stubs.o
  /usr/src/cross/mipsel/bin/mipsel--netbsd-gcc -mno-abicalls -x 
assembler-with-cpp -traditional-cpp -D_LOCORE -Wa,-fatal-warnings -Devbmips -I. 
-I../../../../../common/include -I../../../../arch -I../../../.. -nostdinc 
-I../../../../lib/libkern/../../../common/lib/libc/arch/mips/string -c 


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