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Re: RouterBoard 133 support

On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 10:02:42PM -0500, Arnaud Lacombe wrote:
> David Young wrote:
> >I have heard of this problem before.  Maybe you mentioned it to me?
> >
> nop, last time I powered the board I ended up in the "TLB out of the
> universe" at extio? attachment and didn't look further.
> >IIRC, there are six VLANs, one for each of the 5 MII ports, and a
> >sixth for a "virtual" port that connects to the CPU.
> >
> ok, I better understand the layout now, I had some difficulties to
> represent it before :-)
> >I suggest that if the bootloader has assigned one port to each VLAN,
> >then you derive the port numbers from the VLAN matrix:
> >
> >MII0 MII1 MII2 MII3 MII4 CPU VLAN0      x                   x VLAN1
> >x              x VLAN2                x         x VLAN3
> >x    x VLAN4 x                        x VLAN5
> >x
> >
> If I trust the Vlan_GI and Vlan_GII, I have the following mapping:
>          MII0 MII1 MII2 MII3 MII4 MII5 CPU
>    VLAN0 x                             x
>    VLAN1      x                        x
>    VLAN2           x                   x
>    VLAN3                x              x
>    VLAN4                     x         x
>    VLAN5                          x    x

Huh.  Is that before or after NetBSD has configured those registers?

> >In this case, the 0th MII port is admsw4, and MII ports 1 through 4
> >are ports admsw0 through admsw3.
> >
> is it really good to have such an interface mapping ? Wouldn't be better 
> to have only one interface attaching to a switch device and a userland 
> tool to control the switch feature. I am under the impression that the 
> switch code is mixed with the interface code currently. I don't really 
> see a way to use bridge(4) and vlan(4) with this.

We should not have Yet Another Tool to configure VLANs and to bridge
ethernets, but we should use bridge(4) and vlan(4) for that purpose.
The kernel needs both to give bridge(4) member devices the opportunity
to use hardware features to optimize the data plane.  Similarly,
vlan(4) needs to let the physical interface assume some of the tagging.
The idea is to use familiar interfaces to configure bridges and VLANs,
even on unfamiliar hardware.

> Btw, the current interface mapping will attach 6 interfaces which does
> not fit with the hardware (only 3 ethernet plug on the board)

I do not know how to find out which ports are present.  Is there some
indication by MII?  Does the BIOS configuration tell us?

> >IIRC, that was a NOR Flash driver.  It looked to me like either the 
> >license was inappropriate for NetBSD, or an appropriate license had 
> >been misapplied to some vendor/GPL source code by an honest mistake, 
> >so I left it out.
> >
> ok, is there any doc on the NAND controller of the adm5120 to access the 

I have figured some of it out, before, and emailed to one of the lists
(probably this one) about it.


David Young             OJC Technologies
dyoung%ojctech.com@localhost      Urbana, IL * (217) 278-3933 ext 24

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