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Re: DC IDE adapter questions

abs@ wrote:

> Well, the ISA mappings should be configurable via an option, but I
> agree it would be of great benefit for there to be fixed hardware
> specifications and multiple devices created.

We can't write drivers if we don't know how it can be configured
on the real hardware.

> Well, in this case it looks like there may be some other developers
> interested in reimplementing the hardware and writing a driver under
> DreamShell http://www.dc-swat.ru/forum/thread-1902.html - presumably
> similar to how they produced designs for SD-via-serial and
> Ethernet-via-serial adaptors for the Dreamcast, so with luck the
> hardware (or at least something like it) may not remain private :)

Drivers should be committed *after* they are confirmed working
on the real hardware by more than one users.

Izumi Tsutsui

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