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Re: Random Dreamcast tomfoolery for Retrochallenge 2012

Mouse <mouse%Rodents-Montreal.ORG@localhost> writes:

> I actually did use a MAX232, at least partially because I had it on
> hand.  The "few discretes" level-shifted the voltages to the 3.3V the
> DC expects.  I didn't mind doing so, because in my experience (and it
> turned out to be so here too), a MAX232 always gets the levels
> backwards, so they need inverting.  I usually use discretes for this
> (occasionally an '04); it turned out to be no big deal to use the same
> transistors for both level-shifting and inverting.

Ok, I figured the "few discretes" referred to the 4 caps needed for
the voltage pump.  With a 3232 or 3222 you don't need either inverters
or level shifters, just the chip itself and 4 caps.

  // Marcus

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