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Re: Random Dreamcast tomfoolery for Retrochallenge 2012

> The built-in serial port is available as scif0.  Adapters from the
> custom connector with its CMOS levels to a standard 9-pin D-SUB have
> been commercially available (look for "Coder's Cable").

...and if you're not afraid of a little electronics, it's easy to build
your own.  One MAX232 or equivalent and a few discretes is all I needed
(the connector has both 5V and 3.3V power available).  Of course, you
still need to connect.  I opened up the machine and soldered wires onto
the board, running them out to a connector (I used a more common
connector) through a small hole I cut in the case.

But, as I said, that assumes you're not afraid of electronics and
soldering and suchlike.

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