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Re: floating-point loads vs dreamcast

der Mouse <mouse%Rodents-Montreal.ORG@localhost> writes:

> Well, my notes say
> | When the manual says "SZ 0", it means "SZ=0 and PR=0", and when it says
> | "SZ 1", it means "(SZ=1 and PR=0) or (SZ=0 and PR=1)".  (This learned
> | from Marcus Comstedt on port-dreamcast.)
> Did I misunderstand you, or is this true generally but not true of
> fmov, or what?

Heh, looks like I've managed to confuse even myself.  :-)

That must have been my interpretation of the manual at the time, but
upon running some actual tests it seems to be incorrect:

* SZ=0 results in fmov being 32 bit regardless of PR
* SZ=1 and PR=1 can be set at the same time and works as expected

Maybe the paragraph in the manual which says that [SZ,PR=11] gives
undefined behaviour actually meant to say that [SZ,PR=01] gives
undefined behaviour?

  // Marcus

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