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helper images "DCburn" and "DCserv" for NetBSD/dreamcast


NetBSD 5.1 has been announced, but I guess there are still
two annoying procedures for ordinary users to try NetBSD/dreamcast:

 - Create a bootable CD-R with NetBSD/dreamcast kernel
 - Setup NFS/DHCP server for diskless dreamcast client

To make these procedures easier, I've created two pre-built
NetBSD/i386 disk images, "DCburn" and "DCserv":

"DCburn" image provides easy setup to burn
bootable CD-R for NetBSD/dreamcast.

"DCserv" image provides easy setup for NetBSD/dreamcast
which requires "root file system on NFS" environment to boot.

All things you need to use these images are
to write each image to a USB flash memory,
put it on your x86 PC bootable from USB,
and type a few commands on NetBSD prompt.

See README files for details:

Izumi Tsutsui

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