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Re: Super-H machine language issues

>> The first is valid only when SZ is 0 and the latter when PR is 1,
>> but I see no reason those can't both be true at the same time -
> Well, the thing about SZ is that it's only used when PR is 0.

Oh!  That makes a bit more sense, then.

> If PR is 1, SZ must be set to 0, but [it's effectively forced to 1]

Is this documented anywhere?  I just went through every place where the
string "SZ" occurs in pdftotext output on that PDF and none of them
mention this as far as I can see.  (Where did you learn it, for

> So when the manual says "SZ 0" in a table like this, it means "SZ=0
> and PR=0", and when it says "SZ 1", it means "(SZ=1 and PR=0) or
> (SZ=0 and PR=1)".  Writing it out would take too much space.

Well, writing it out for every affected instruction, maybe.  Mentioning
it on pages 19 and 123 (which describe the FPCSR) would have helped
greatly, especially if the affected instruction pages cross-referenced
that (they have so much other boilerplate I have trouble imagining this
would have been all that onerous).

I hasten to note that it's Hitachi these get me upset at, not you!
What I say to you is more like, thank you very much for clearing up my

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