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NetBSD 5.2.2 Cobalt RestoreCD/RestoreUSB

As usual, I've built 5.2.2 based NetBSD/cobalt RestoreCD/USB images
and put them to ftp:


No functional changes in RestoreCD/USB script itself
(only ftp dirs in Makefile and CHANGES file are updated).

See release announcements for 5.2.2 changes:
restorecd-5.2.2-20140201.iso.gz is a gzipped RestoreCD ISO9660 image.

restoreusb-5.2.2-20140201.img.gz is a gzipped RestoreUSB image
for >=512MB USB memory sticks on USB bootable PCs.

See also "Restore CD/USB Howto" for actual installation procedures:
and previous 5.2.1's restorecd announcement:

Have fun,
Izumi Tsutsui

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