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NetBSD 6 on Cobalt still broken


It seems that NetBSD 6 on Cobalt is still broken. I don't have a serial console, but after upgrading I was getting tons of core dumps if I tried to use the system for more than a handful of minutes at a time. I was finally able to untargzip each of the sets after a number of restarts, but it's still problematic. This may still be the problem experienced in PR 46890.

I'm about to try current to see if the problem is there, too.

(netbsd-6, sources from today, Cobalt Raq 2 with 256 megs which has been stable with netbsd-5 compiling for hundreds of days)

Is anyone running netbsd-6 on a Cobalt Raq or Cube? Or on any MIPS?


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