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Re: bus-master DMA error (was: stability of Cobalt Qube 2)

> Hmmm, seems he's indeed using the GENERIC kernel. Strange,
> since I can only find -INSTALL in /ext2/boot/ (but I guess
> this has nothing to do with it)
> cobalt# ls /ext2/boot
> boot.gz             netbsd-INSTALL.gz   vmlinux.gz          
> vmlinux_raq-2800.gz
> vmlinux-nfsroot.gz  vmlinux_RAQ.gz
> cobalt# 

netbsd-INSTALL.gz in ext2fs boot dir is stored for emergency operation.

Usually cobalt firmware load NetBSD's native bootloader (boot.gz)
via vmlinux* symlinks and the bootloader loads /netbsd kernel in
NetBSD's root file system.
I.e. there is no size restriction on loading a kernel.

Izumi Tsutsui

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