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Raq 2+ 256MB+16GB+SCSI +Extras for sale

I just posted on eBay for a Raq 2 + (dual-Ethernet, SCSI i/f, etc.) including:
    - rack ears
    - 256MB of RAM (yes, max'd out!)
    - a brand spanking new (and quiet) fan
- I'm even throwing in a SCSI cable that fits the RaQ 2+ (hard to find!)

As you know, this is a great low-power server (less than 16W typical)
and it is in great shape.   You can see it here:
Only $24.99 starting bid, buy it now for $59.99.

As much as I love the Cobalt machines, between work and kids,
I don't have time for them anymore, so I'm auctioning them off
hoping they will find a good home.  These make great file/web/
email/etc. servers and can easily use 120GB and larger drives.

Of course NetBSD 5.1 is installed along with a choice selection of
packages (apache, ssh, tcsh, etc.)

This is my last RaQ 2 so I'm including my spare parts collection with it including:
    - spare power supply
    - spare 16GB drive with sled
    - spare memory SIMMs (32M and 16M SIMMs)

I only ship to the US (sorry).

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