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Qube2 Dead?

I know this is slightly OT but you folks are cobalt experts, and I need a 
second opinion...

I hooked up a IDE to SATA adapter to my Qube2 with a SATA SSD and did a 5.1 
restore successfully.

I logged in as root after it rebooted fiorst time over and it was fine, I 
started SSHd and tested
that and it was a-ok. I shutdown the system and tied down some wires in side 
and secured the SSD with
a pad of insulating 2-sided silicon gel tape.

When it rebooted it locked up during the boot process hard. Nothing worked. No 
serial console

I turned it off after 10 mins and on and it wouldn't even start up. All I get 
is a line of
black squares on the top row of the LCD.

I've stripped it right back to bare bones and it won't work. I even swapped the 
RAM (which had
been working 100% in service for years) but no dice.

I guess it's dead?

Mark Benson

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