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Re: Netbsd 5.02 / Silicon Image 3512

On 03/18/2010 04:33:58 AM, Claudio A Leiva wrote:
> Hi,
> Checking the NetBSD site, I found that it has support for this
> chipset, I bought an inexpensive rosewill card with an internal and 
> external sata 150 port with the idea of installing this card on my 
> qube but it did not work, the OS did not detect the card.
> Is the generic kernel able to handle this card or I will have to
> generate a new one??, any suggestions, tips or ideas.

I've recently bought a Koutech KW-5200 [1] and put it in my Qube2. This 
card uses the Silicon Image 3512 chip and works fine with the GENERIC 
configuration shipped with 5.0.2 and a 1.5TB disk attached. Could you 
post the dmesg output from your system?

However, I've bought this specific card to get USB support as well and 
(cross-)compiled a new kernel with USB (ohci/ehci) enabled. When using 
this kernel I get some strange memory corruption problems, but I need 
to further investigate to be sure that I haven't made some errors in 
the kernel config or other stupid things.

[1] http://www.koutech.com/proddetail.asp?linenumber=377


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