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Re: 5.0 restorecd


Quick question on netbooting the 2700. Mine isn't netbooting when I hold down the left and right buttons and power up it goes through the disk check and then just displays an underscore on the screen "_" .

I'm wondering does yours say "Netbooting" on the lcd even when it's trying and failing to netboot.

I've read in some random posts online that some 2700's are missing the netboot code.


On 27/05/2009, at 10:17 PM, Anthony Howe wrote:

Just wanted to say that the 5.0 restorecd works like a charm on a Cobalt
Qube 2700. Took me some time to get the Qube to netboot, because the
RestoreCD doesn't always set up the network cards in the bootserver
properly, so you have to dive into the command line and play about with

Question: what is the default configuration for the GENERIC Cobalt
kernel? I want to try and get a USB or WiFi card to work in the older
PCI slot.

It detects the USB chips, but doesn't configure them, so I'm assuming
the kernel drivers are missing.


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