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Re: Qube 2700 using NetBSD 5.0 + USB + WiFi

Voices on the wind brought me a message from: Anthony Howe
> I'm trying to build a NetBSD kernel that enables USB controller cards.
> The idea is to used memory stick and wifi via USB.
> Looking at the mailing list I noticed that you've started on this.
> I'm trying to configure a copy of the cobalt GENERIC profile, but find
> no mention of USB or WiFi etc.
> Do you have notes or can guide me? I'm a programmer, but kernels are a
> little out of my area of focus.

Andrew - my RDNS has an IP in it so I can't reply to you directly.

I'm still in-process and haven't touched it for a while.  I think the
biggie here is using a known-compatible USB card.  The NEC card I'm trying
to use seems to lock up the kernel.

I'm going to try an OPTI card here soon.


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