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Re: restorecd script

Wolfgang%Solfrank.net@localhost wrote:

> > - what does the LCD panel show during boot?
> It starts up "normally" (i.e., the same as the qube 2), but when the
> paneld script starts the panel goes blank (which is of course normal)
> and nothing works thereafter, not even a ping to the box.

Then init(8) should be running properly :-)

> If I disable
> the paneld script, the hang occurs after the last rc.d script ran.

Okay, I see the same problem on my 2700, though it works
if I put z85c30 serial console.

> Inserting a loop at the end of /etc/rc right before the "exit 0" also
> allowed me to install the system.
> No, just a bare 2700 with no additions.  No, I don't have an idea
> why the getty on a non-existant tty00 helps.

Maybe opening nullcons (pseudo console device for 2700 without serial)
causes a panic. I'll check what happens there this weekend.
(though it's a bit difficult to debug console without any monitor...)

Izumi Tsutsui

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