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Re: restorecd script


- please check instructions.txt or restorecd howto in cobalt port page

I did.

- what does the LCD panel show during boot?

It starts up "normally" (i.e., the same as the qube 2), but when the
paneld script starts the panel goes blank (which is of course normal)
and nothing works thereafter, not even a ping to the box.  If I disable
the paneld script, the hang occurs after the last rc.d script ran.

Inserting a loop at the end of /etc/rc right before the "exit 0" also
allowed me to install the system.

- I guess you have tty00 at puc0 at pci on 2700, right?

No, just a bare 2700 with no additions.  No, I don't have an idea
why the getty on a non-existant tty00 helps.


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