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Re: Gateway Micro Server (Qube 2 equivalent)

--- On Sun, 8/10/08, Evgueni Tzvetanov <attroppa%yahoo.com@localhost> wrote:

> From: Evgueni Tzvetanov <attroppa%yahoo.com@localhost>
> Subject: Gateway Micro Server (Qube 2 equivalent)
> To: port-cobalt%NetBSD.org@localhost
> Date: Sunday, August 10, 2008, 3:17 PM
> Hi all,
> My Qube 2 equivalent hardware -- Gateway Micro Server gave
> up these days.
> The power supply died.
> I would like to offer it to someone, who is interested to
> try to bring it up.
> I have started using another small device with NetBSD as my
> home server and I do not intend to try to use the Qube 2 any
> more. No more spending money on it anyway.
> I will pull only the hard disk from it and it is coming
> with it's original modem, which I never used.
> Best.
> ET

And... sorry, but I think my message about the serial port did not reach all of 
you guys. I think during this power busting ordeal the serial port got 
defective too. So just let me know if and who is still interested.



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