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Re: CoLo supported with Netbsd ?

>     *  Can boot kernels from old and new revision EXT2/3 partitions
Our native bootloader also can load kernels from ext2fs partitions
(not from EXT3, but our kernel doens't support it (yet?) anyway).
Of course it supports loading kernels from FFS, including UFS2.

>     * Can boot large kernels (only limited by available memory).
That's the reason why our native bootloader was written.

>     * Can boot kernels over the network via TFTP or NFS and DHCP.
Now we supports boot via NFS and BOOTP/DHCP.
(which is also used by the original Cobalt boot on the ROM)

>     * Can be loaded by the original Cobalt boot loader rather than replacing 
> it.
That's how our boot.gz is loaded, and a reason why
I wrote (non GPLed) newfs_ext2fs(8).

So I think CoLo would be worth enough for Linux,
but "not so much" for NetBSD ;-)
Izumi Tsutsui

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