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RE: CoLo supported with Netbsd ?

> Maybe you should ask if CoLo supports NetBSD, but
> I guess it's designed for Linux.
>> probably more to the point is it a worthwhile thing to try out and burn 
>> to EPROM ?
> It depends on what useful features CoLo provides to NetBSD,
> but I don't think there is so much.


    *  Can boot kernels from old and new revision EXT2/3 partitions (currently 
only primary partitions).
    * Can boot large kernels (only limited by available memory). The original 
loader has problems with kernels over about 600KB compressed, a real problem 
for 2.6.x kernels.
    * Can boot kernels over the network via TFTP or NFS and DHCP.
    * Can be loaded by the original Cobalt boot loader rather than replacing it.

I might try & use the alternative method (using cobalt bootloader to load colo) 
to see if NetBSD spits its dummy.

Sevan / Venture37


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