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Re: New Qube2 owner with questions.

> > 6)  Does the Cobalt port (from that RestoreCD) have all the tools 
> > required to make a new RestoreCD ?  And build new kernels etc ?
> Not sure, but Tsutsui-san has released an archive containing scripts,
> patches and instructions to create a restore CD.

wget(1) or rsync(1) is needed to fetch release files
(unless you get each file by hand via ftp(1) or from CD-ROM etc.),
and mkisofs(8) needs to be installed (from pkgsrc etc)
to create image. All other tools will be created from
NetBSD source files on build process.

I'll change the script to use makefs(1) built from
NetBSD toolchain rather than optional mkisofs(1).
Izumi Tsutsui

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