Subject: Qube2/RaQ2 feasibility query
To: list Cobalt NetBSD <>
From: Jurrie Lulofs <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 02/02/2007 13:51:45
I've recently discovered 3 tasks for which I'd like to consider using  
a Qube2/RaQ2 + NetBSD solution.  I've got a RaQ2 with upgraded memory  
(don't recall if it's 64MB or 128MB) that hasn't been powered up in a  
year that I would start with, acquiring additional machines if  
appropriate.  I'd appreciate feedback if the hardware&software  
combination is suitable for the tasks at hand.

1. Small Office mail server

All mail for is currently delivered to a single ISP POP  
server.  There's now a need to support multiple email addresses for  
the domain.  I'd be looking for a mail server to support POP and/or  
IMAP access from Outlook or other clients, retrieving the mail from  
the ISP's POP server similar-to or using fetchmail and providing the  
corresponding mail boxes.  Is there a recommended/preferred mail  
package for this on the Cobalt/NetBSD platform (i.e. Dovecot)?  I  
would expect the clients to use the ISP's SMTP server directly for  
outbound mail.  The ability to additionally forward mail to other  
email addresses (via .forward or similar) would also be desired.   
Load is only 100-200 emails per day to 2-5 LAN users.

2. VPN server

For the same small office it would be nice to allow remote access to  
the machines at the office.  The office is connected via DSL and a  
simple/standard/commercial Internet router/switch.  Would openvpn or  
something similar on a Cobalt/NetBSD be workable?  The Internet  
router could be configured to do port forwarding for the required in- 
bound ports to the dedicated Cobalt/NetBSD box.

3. Dansguardian

For my home network, with little people present, I'd like to add  
extra protection from accidental exposure to mature content.  Dan's  
Guardian appears to be the right solution for my needs (http://  Does anyone have any experience with this  
software on the Cobalt platform?


What's the best NetBSD version to go with for reliable service  
(especially for the mail server application)?  I will be going with a  
fresh install, preferably via the netboot CD method.  Ideally I'd  
like to get one or more Qube2 boxes to handle the small office  
environment, as the form factor appears to be more appealing in that  
setting.  I'm prepared to max out the RAM on all boxes if needed.

Any feedback would be appreciated.