Subject: Re: how to install netbsd on a cube (newbie)
To: Frank Mattes <>
From: Matthew Luckie <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 12/21/2001 15:47:30
> My main worry is realy setting up the nfs server.

The NFS server is somewhat straight forward.
While Ted's notes are terse, they are pretty much bang on.
see below...

> point 9 and 10 are on the server site ?
> Anything else to to on the server appart from things
> mentioned in this mail ?

on the server side.
the qube needs to be assigned an IP address as part of its netboot
procedure.  that is what dhcpd does.

> I have a debian machine, but I don't know if ther nfs
> server tftp is running. Do you know how to check these
> ?

i did my nfs export from a freebsd machine.  make sure you call the kernel
image the right name

> Point 14 to 17 are about preparing the disk. I can't
> see that he mentioned to add a swap partition. I will
> use a new (not unix disk) so I have to reformat
> everything

you can use a blank disk, you just need to have the partitions laid out
i havent done this, so someone else might have to give you advice.
Nick: can you get the partition layout that polyprop has and send it to the

> Last, what kind of expirience do you have with netbsd

my only experience with netbsd is on the qube.  i prefer *BSD to linux
if you send your mail to the list you can use an immense about of knowledge.

> Is it as stable as the cobalt linux ?

I like a good troll but I won't.
I installed netbsd-qube on it because i prefer *BSD.
I would expect that netbsd/cobalt is at least as stable as cobalt linux.
I have no idea if Sun/Cobalt are maintaining the linux port.
I certainly know that NetBSD continues to move forward and NetBSD/cobalt is
just another port that benefits from the progress.

> Are you running appletalk ?