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Re: Handling >4MB kernels on cats

> > >   I'm quite taken by the idea of having a boot option to tell a
> > >   kernel to prompt to load a ramdisk after autoconfig - a
> > >   generalised version of what atari does now with its 'md2'.
> > > 
> > >   - It should be completely MI, so all ports benefit
> > >   - You gain access to all compiled in kernel drivers - eg: USB
> > >   - You can drop the distinction between INSTALL and GENERIC kernels
> I'd object to this because we already have an MI way to do it: have the
> boot loader load miniroot.kmod.
> It's not hard to implement support for that in non-x86 boot loaders. I
> outlined the needed changes on tech-kern a couple of months ago.

The problem in the cats port is that there apparently is no
stand-alone boot loader: the firmware supplied by the board
manufacturer loads the kernel directly.

Arguably, that ought to be fixed...


- Håvard

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