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Re: Handling >4MB kernels on cats (Was: CVS commit: src)

abs%NetBSD.org@localhost wrote:

>       I'm quite taken by the idea of having a boot option to tell a
>       kernel to prompt to load a ramdisk after autoconfig - a
>       generalised version of what atari does now with its 'md2'.
>       - It should be completely MI, so all ports benefit
>       - You gain access to all compiled in kernel drivers - eg: USB
>       - You can drop the distinction between INSTALL and GENERIC kernels

IMO current atari's md_root.c is a bit ugly because:
- it can load an image only from a raw device
- device nodes for fs image are hardcoded
- it uses hardcoded unit numbers to select load devices
- no sanity checks against a loaded image

Maybe we should also check sys/kern/subr_tftproot.c and
sys/dev/kloader.c and consider to load images from some file system.

But if ABLE/Cyclone support booting from CD-ROM, it would be
much easier to provide an install ISO image using cd9660 root
and mfs/tmpfs, as -current i386.
Izumi Tsutsui

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