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Re: Cannot boot from floppy disk

David Brownlee wrote:

> Quick thought - do the boot floppies for earlier releases show the
> same issue - maybe a problem was introduced at some point?

The FTP servers have just releases for NetBSD-5 and NetBSD-6. For NetBSD-5
there were no boot floppies at all. The installation directory is empty.
And since NetBSD-6.0 there are boot floppies, but they don't work, in
exactly the same way as in current. :|

Now I'm trying to find out how the images are made. An nbmake-bebox in
src/sys/arch/bebox/stand only creates "boot.elf" and the stripped "boot",
which is also in ELF format. Who converts that into PEF format and puts it
into the image?

Frank Wille

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