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current status report at 20090204

Hi! all,

NetBSD/bebox current status report at 20080611.  ;-)

  + Xserver works on my bebox.



       * But our kernel(GENERIC) is more large.  We support to boot only
         floppy-disk.  You need to build for your customized tiny kernel
         after patch.


    s3 and mga and cirrus tested.  Maybe mga is better choice now.
    The depth 24bpp is good.  In 16bpp case, used ugly visual??? 
    However, my cirrus board is very noisy.  And s3virge hangup.

    I watched TV by fxtv with mga.  ;-)

  - fd? not work.                       (new)
    to write less than 4096byte, is OK.
  - reboot not support yet.             (new)
  - Boot from HDD not support yet.
  - BeFS (bfs) not support yet.
  - CPU1 not support yet.
  - Sound not support yet.
  - IrDA, Geek port...

Maybe my next mission is boot from HDD or CD-ROM.

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