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Re: NetBSD/bebox 1.5?

> for the boot roms. But, I *was* under the impression that all BeBoxen
> would have been upgraded at least that far.

<thanks for the explanation, after all the searching and asking and
chasing on info for the BeBox I've fallen in love with the history side of
things ;) >

> So now I have an Alpha.

Wow. Now this is cool (and about to become incredibly off-topic, but I
figure that's OK because I don't think there's many more people on the
list.. What do you run on it? (I love unusual setups, etc) I'm hoping not
NT, because that wuld have given you a sense of deja vu after MS decided
to drop all but intel as a platform :) (What runs on Alpha? Digital Unix,
NetBSD, Linux and NT4.... and that'd be it, right?)

  - C

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