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nfs panic

Hello all,

Sorry I've been quiet these past few weeks... I'm still working with
NetBSD/bebox; unfortunately, I seem to be experiencing a lot of
problems getting my system to work well.

The latest problem I have is with NFS mounted filesystems.  When
untarring a gzipped archive on an NFS mounted filesystem, I reliably
get a panic when a certain large file is unpacked (the same large file 
each time).

The panic is:
panic: receive 1
Stopped at      Debugger+0x10:  lwz r0, r1, 0x14

when I ask for a trace, I get:
db> trace
at panic+a8
at soreceive+234
at nfs_receive+4dc
at nfs_reply+5c
at nfs_request+484
at nfs_writerpc+754
at nfs_doio+494
at nfssvc_iod+214
at sys_nfssvc+88
at trap+36c
at trapagain+4
trap type 300 at bbf40

The kernel is the one from the 19980217 snapshot on ftp.netbsd.org.
There isn't kernel source for this snapshot on the ftp site, so I
can't easily look into what specifically is happening.  Can anyone


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