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Re: Need help getting started

Am 19.03.2014 15:54, schrieb Izumi Tsutsui:

I'm afraid binaries built on NetBSD/amiga uses X11R6 binaries/libraries
instead of X11R7 ones (atari port has switched to X11R7).

and i can't get any X11 to run so far.

NetBSD/atari 6.x doesn't ship Xserver binaries, but
1.6.2 Xserver still works on at least my TT030:

The following procedure still works
(I've also upated some files in the archive for NetBSD 6.1.3)
but I'm not familiar with Atari and Falcon hardware.

/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/XF86Config file have following lines:
Section "Screen"
     Driver      "fbdev"
#    Device      "Falcon"
     Device      "TT"
     Monitor     "Color Video Monitor"
so maybe you have to enable "Falcon" line instead?

Great, i followed your procedure and i do now get the X server started.
so, now i use the R6 Xserver but R7 fonts, twm, X-apps?

I'd never expected this could work. But it does! Some small hickups,
though, startx fails with some error messages, but when i start X myself

#X && xterm

it works as expected. The keyboard is not changed to "de" layout as
i would expect from the XF86config file. I need some time to fix this.
Hints apreciated!


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