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Re: Need help getting started

Am 19.03.2014 15:54, schrieb Izumi Tsutsui:

Thanks a lot for your EtherNEC network driver.
I installed over ftp, it works like a charm!

I'm also glad to see users who actually use it on NetBSD :-)

NetBSD runs a lot better (performnce wise) than debian-68k at the
moment. I do have some issues with pkgsrc / pgk_add i need to sort out,

I'm afraid binaries built on NetBSD/amiga uses X11R6 binaries/libraries
instead of X11R7 ones (atari port has switched to X11R7).

Its more like, for example, if i "make" aalib from pkgsrc, its installed to /usr/pkg/lib/ , while .configure of bb looks in /usr/lib and /usr/local .

Perhaps some tweak of the path variable fixes that - or i use pkgsrc wrong.

pkg_add doesn't find packages unless i modify the config to look for 6.0_2013Q4 instead of 6.1 binary packages.

Maybe installing binary packages made for 6.0 is a very evil thing
for a 6.1 NetBSD, i don't know.

What is better in X11R7 compared to R6, when i can't use it the way
its described in the NetBSD docs?

and i can't get any X11 to run so far.

NetBSD/atari 6.x doesn't ship Xserver binaries, but
1.6.2 Xserver still works on at least my TT030:

The following procedure still works
(I've also upated some files in the archive for NetBSD 6.1.3)
but I'm not familiar with Atari and Falcon hardware.

Thanks, will read and try!

/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/XF86Config file have following lines:
Section "Screen"
     Driver      "fbdev"
#    Device      "Falcon"
     Device      "TT"
     Monitor     "Color Video Monitor"
so maybe you have to enable "Falcon" line instead?

And maybe try something like "VGA Monitor"...
as soon i have an x server binary, i will try.

is it possible to have colored console?

It looks ite console doesn't support (at least) ANSI color
escape sequence. iteconfig(8) man page has some description
about colors, but I don't know the old ite driver..

ah yes, more stuff to read, great!

here is my dmesg output:

NetBSD 6.1.2 (FALCON)
Atari Falcon (68060 rev.6 CPU/MMU/FPU)
total memory = 524 MB
avail memory = 515 MB

Wow! 68060 with 526MB seems one of the fastest NetBSD/m68k machine ;-)

Its even clocked quite high: CPU clock 100MHz, and the TT RAM is SDRAM,
clocked at full CPU speed.


Izumi Tsutsui

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