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Re: bootloader issue

On Tue, 20 Jan 2009, David Ross wrote:

Maybe it's worth putting a note up in the news section here:


..and in the upcoming 4.x / 5.x release notes as well. Some people may have tried installing on Atari over the past decade and just given up before coming to the mailing list. Just pointing out that it works again may be enough to get some more users.

I think I'll do a post over here shortly:

        Nice post :) I would think the next priority would be to try to
        ease the installation process, both updating the install notes
        and working out the best mechanism for install. Given the kernel
        is too large to fit onto a floppy, NetBSD does have a bootloader
        which can load a kernel split across multiple floppy disks, but
        that still leaves loading the sets (a bigger issue if you don't
        have an ethernet card).

        Would you say at this point the recommended way to install would
        be to copy the kernel & sets to a CD or HD and then boot/install
        from there?

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