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Re: bootloader issue

David Ross wrote:

> Both the 4.0 and 5.0 snapshots below fully install and boot!

Thanks, I've committed the change to the HEAD.

> Let me know when you'd expect the updates to appear in the netbsd-4 and 
> netbsd-5 daily builds and I'll check those out.

I'll send pullup requests for sysinst tomorrow.
You can check pullup ticket status on releng status pages:

> It's amazing the 2038 bug fix is interfering with our fun.  Hope my TT030 
> lives that long.  How long does it take semiconductors to start decomposing? 
> =)

Well, I guess the oldest machine running NetBSD is VAX 11s (1980?~)
(see port-vax list), and my oldest one is NWS-1750 (1988?~) ;-)

In general, semiconductors would have good quality
but in many case power supply unit will have more trouble.
Make sure to have spares for your favorite machines :-)
Izumi Tsutsui

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