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Re: spamfiltering


On Sun, Jan 04, 2009 at 04:52:52PM -0600, Al - Image Hosting Services wrote:
> I was wondering there is anyone running spam filtering on a 68k system? I 
> tried to installed "dspam", but it would not compile. I just downloaded  
> the lastest pkgsrc so I will give it another try. From what I have seen 
> of spamfitlering it is very cpu intensive. Just wondering if there is a  
> spamfilter that a 68k system is fast enough to run?

- what 68k system? 20 MHz 68020 is a lot slower than 50 MHz 68060.

A very vague hint - I don't know spamd:

- spamassassin was too slow on a 128 MByte 300 MHz Ultrasparc machine,
  but worked fine with 384 MBytes of RAM.


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