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Re: Weird calculation for kernel L2 segment table

Jason Thorpe wrote:

> Only 2 models of hp300 have the HP MMU ... the HP 9000/320 and HP  
> 9000/350, as I recall.  All of the others either have an '851 or use  
> the CPU's built-in MMU.  But, yes, I believe the HP MMU models are  
> stuck with a 4K page size (in addition to having a virtually-addressed  
> cache rather than a physically-addressed cache).

BTW, OpenBSD/hp300 (looks more active than us) has dropped
support for those machines, IIRC.  If these machines could
be a showstopper on future pmap enhancements,
we should consider to follow them ;-)

On the other hand, sun3 (68020 + Sun MMU?) and sun3x (68030 builtin,
but three level lookups that PROM uses) have their own pmap
and also use 4K page.
Izumi Tsutsui

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