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Re: bootloader issue

When I ran installboot from 1.6.1 on top of the HEAD install, I could get to
the second stage bootloader. But the second stage bootloader crashed, I

Exact messages might help. ("crash" is too ambiguous...)

I was just experimenting and I didn't write it down. I wasn't too surprised when I saw it after I checked and saw the /boot.atari was still the one from HEAD, so there would be a mismatch between the old primary/secondary and the new tertiary loader. I'm planning to go back and try this scenario with the old /boot.atari. Before I do that I'll get a copy of the error when there's the mismatch.

Could you try the latest installboot with "-v" option?
This is what sysinst does so I see the output a lot but I don't have it written down. I will get it on a HEAD install.

David Ross

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