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Re: gcc4 problem on netbsd-4

Tuomo wrote:

> > Could you try this one?
> > http://www.ceres.dti.ne.jp/~tsutsui/netbsd/netbsd-ATARITT-4.0_STABLE-20081231.gz
> > http://www.ceres.dti.ne.jp/~tsutsui/netbsd/netbsd-FALCON-4.0_STABLE-20081231.gz
> Nice catch :) I tried FALCON kernel and now keyboard is probed without
> delay and SCSI is probed properly (no freeze/delay).

BTW, SCSI DMA on Falcon is disabled in this kernel,
i.e. this one also contains the following change:

Could you also try a kernel without this (i.e. if it works with SCSI DMA)?

> Also reading NetBSD 4 installation sets from IDE disk and copying files
> from IDE to SCSI work, so it seems that wdc_mb.c is not affected by gcc4.

Then maybe the problem is in softint(9) changes.
I'll a possible patch later (in a new thread again).
Izumi Tsutsui

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