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Re: Current kernel with http://gnats.netbsd.org/39965 and pmap patches

Tuomo wrote:

> Maybe with special establish and dispatch functions as you suggest we can
> prevent freezing which happens when reading from ATA and writing to SCSI.
> Could this also help with problem that occur when ATA is used for reading
> and writing ?

Hmm, if we'll try to handle wdc and dma interrupts in separate handlers
maybe we have to investigate how the MFP interrupt lines are wired
and how they should be handled.

BTW, have you ever tried netbsd-4 kernels?
(of cource they may also require several pmap fixes)

There are two major changes between 3.x and HEAD,
one is gcc4 and another is MI softint(9) reorganization.
The former was imported before 4.0 and the latter happened after 4.0,
so it may be worth to try netbsd-4 kernels.

atari uses si_callback() functions in many drivers
and the functions use the software interrupt framework.
The software interrupt code was machine dependent in 4.0,
but after 4.0 MI softintr(9) APIs became mandatory so
I rewrote atari's MD softintr(9) code to have MI APIs and
also modified si_callback functions to use the MI softintr(9),
but I don't think anyone tried it at that time.
(the callback functions are a bit complicated, IMO)

I've just applied your pmap-sync3.diff to netbsd-4 with blindly
resolved conflicts and built kernels with gcc3 and gcc4:
(there might be several my local changes,
 adding volatile to bus_space(9) etc.)


Izumi Tsutsui

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