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RPI4 (8GB) + UEFI -> bricked?

Hey folks.

Trying to get an RPI4 8GB model I picked up a while ago running with the RPI4 UEFI firmware.

Download Jared's Generic 64-bit images, wrote it to an SD card, then followed the instructions here:


using the v1.29 release, and also performed the EEPROM update as recommended:


What results is the colored square and 7 blinks.  So, I tried writing a fresh image onto SD card.  Behavior was different, at least!  I guess it was the low-level loader ... VIC-20-like text informing me that start4.elf was not compatible that that I needed to update the firmware.

So, anyway, I guess the device is not TOTALLY bricked, but I'm not sure how to back out of this corner.  Anybody have any ideas here?

-- thorpej

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