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Re: 2020-12-10-netbsd-raspi-earmv6hf.img (Re: Raspberry Pi update please.)

>> - HDMI output works very well however I wanted to change the
>>   resolution into 800x600 both tty console and X Window graphical
>>   modes. Where should I change it?

This might not be pi-specific.  At work, I've been working on amd64 and
I've run into an case of "software has been improved to the point where
it can't do what used to be easy" - we want to run at a specific
resolution (1280x1024 in our case) regardless of what monitor is
connected, regardless even of whether *any* monitor is connected.

Superficially, this sounds like much the same thing, only on a pi and
with 800x600 as the desired resolution.

Not that I have an answer even for amd64.  At work, we don't have to
worry about text console, which makes it a bit easier; I've been
working around it with the RANDR APIs in the (turnkey) application.
(And, incidentally, as far as what I've managed to find goes, the RANDR
documentation is horrible.  I've had to go under the hood in two
different ways to figure it out.)

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