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Re: _res is not supported for multi-threaded programs.

Martin Husemann <martin%duskware.de@localhost> writes:

> There was a discussion about hiding sqlite form pkgsrc and making it not
> install the shared lib at all, which would allow us to remove threading and
> JSON support.

The pkgsrc notion is to depend on a pkgsrc package, and to have logic to
see if the base system version is ok, and if so use it.

I do not have any conceptual problem with base sqlite3 being minimal and
pkgsrc deciding basically that base system NetBSD is never good enough
to satisfty the dependency

I do have a problem with depending packages deciding on a case by case
basis if base sqlite3 is good enough, because that leads to
inconsistency.  So I think on any given NetBSD version, it's either
"base sqlite3 should not be used" or "base sqlite3 is good enough".

So if you mean:

  let's revert the thread/json in base sqlite3

  let's ask pkgsrc to stop using base sqlite3 on NetBSD, or at least to
  not expect it to have threads and JSON

I think that's fine, but obviously needs discussion other than in this

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