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Re: RPI: dtb files

I have updated the HOWTO somewhat from experimentation.

> I see a lot of files in binary/kernel that are foo.dtb.gz.  I see in
> /boot a dtb directory, wtih uncompressed dtb files, and there are some
> dtb files in /boot itself.
> 1) Presumably I should copy/uncompress the dtb files from releasedir
> into /boot/dtb, and no dtb files should exist in /boot directory.
> Correct?

WRONG!  Some systems have dtb files in /boot and some in /boot/dtb.

> 3) I am further guessing that since dtb files are small, best practice
> is to have all of them.  Opinions?

I lean to "sync the armv7.img dtb contents with /boot".  I put that in
the HOWTO since if you do that and boot the system comes up.

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