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RPI: dtb files

In updating, I realized I was not clear on updating dtb files.  Reading
INSTALL.txt did not enlighten me.

I see a lot of files in binary/kernel that are foo.dtb.gz.  I see in
/boot a dtb directory, wtih uncompressed dtb files, and there are some
dtb files in /boot itself.

1) Presumably I should copy/uncompress the dtb files from releasedir
into /boot/dtb, and no dtb files should exist in /boot directory.

2) I am also guessing that I only need dtb files for the one specific
machine type I am using, such as bcm2837-rpi-3-b.dtb.  Correct?

3) I am further guessing that since dtb files are small, best practice
is to have all of them.  Opinions?

As usual, I will update the HOWTO, which currently lacks a dtb section.

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