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Re: NetBSD/AArch64 desk/laptop replacement?

On Mon, 17 Aug 2020 09:56:50 +0100
Sad Clouds <cryintothebluesky%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:

> RPi is good enough for a home DNS or
> media server that runs 24/7 and needs low power. For desktop use it's
> not powerful or flexible enough and can't be expanded with more RAM,
> graphics, disks, etc.

Depends on your needs. I've been using a RPi 4, 4GB, as my primary
desktop since March and it does the job nicely. I'm typing this email
on one monitor with Youtube playing smoothly on the second monitor.

Some websites are a little slow to the point of being annoying, but it
works well enough to be usable. Most everything not-Firefox I've tried
works great: my engineering software (KiCad) and programming editor
(Geany) perform as well as the quad Opteron it replaced.

The one caveat I'll add is that this is with Raspbian 10; I plan
to move to NetBSD once support for Pi 4 is more stable.

Aaron B. <aaron%zadzmo.org@localhost>

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