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Re: Suboptimal iperf3 performance on RockPro64

On 8/14/20 4:14 AM, Sad Clouds wrote:
On Thu, 13 Aug 2020 20:53:26 -0400
Jason Mitchell <jmitchel%bigjar.com@localhost> wrote:


I have a project where I need to be able to saturate a gigabit link.
I’m using a RockPro64 running 9.0_STABLE. I’m using an Intel i210
PCI-e NIC and I can’t get more than 740Mbit/sec on iperf3. I’ve
enabled tcp4csum, udp4csum & ip4csum offloading and I’ve set the CPU
speeds to max (1416 for the Cortex-A53’s and 1800 for the
Try running multiple streams, this usually improves throughput. Also
remember that Gigabit Ethernet is full-duplex, so "saturating" it would
require sending and receiving at the same time, i.e. around 2 Gbits/sec
combined throughput, although you're very likely to get less due to
other overheads, etc.

I knew I forgot to mention something :( I've tried up to 4 streams with no change. And I'm using 9.0_STABLE at the moment although a current kernel didn't change anything.

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